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Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate is known for its reactivity and hygroscopicity, which can affect the efficacy of food ingredients. To address these challenges, we have already developed microencapsulated sodium bicarbonate products. One of the products you offer is Sodium Bicarbonate 97.5%, which is a completely soluble microencapsulated product. This product can increase the water activity in final food products while overcoming the decrease in efficacy caused by sodium bicarbonate.

Additionally, we have already developed Sodium Bicarbonate DC, which is a directly compressible modification of sodium bicarbonate. This modification allows for easier handling and processing in food production. Furthermore, we have also developed products for time release, heat-sensitive, and other specific applications, which indicates the versatility of your sodium bicarbonate offerings.


Sr No.Stabilized Sodium BicarbonateNutraceuticalsBakingFood IngredientsAnimal feedBeveragesCold chainSnackablesPersonal Care
1. Sodium Bicarbonate 97.5%
2. Sodium Bicarbonate DC
3. Sodium Bicarbonate Encap