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Stabilized Citric Acid

Citric acid is indeed a versatile food ingredient, but it can be challenging to handle due to its tendency to lump when exposed to moisture and its corrosive nature. However, we have developed a range of products that address these challenges by microencapsulating citric acid. One of our products, Citric Acid 97.5%, is a completely soluble microencapsulated form of citric acid. This microencapsulation process enhances its shelf life, reduces handling issues, and improves its stability. It allows for easier and more controlled handling of citric acid in various applications.

Additionally, we offer Citric Acid DC, which is a direct compressible modification of citric acid. This product is specifically designed for direct compression applications, providing convenience and ease of use. Furthermore, we have developed products for time release, heat-sensitive, and other specialized applications, catering to a wide range of formulation needs. Our aim is to provide innovative solutions that enhance the usability and performance of citric acid, making it easier to handle while maintaining its effectiveness.


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1. Citric Acid 97.5%
2. Citric Acid DC
3. Citric Acid Encap